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doctor of fine arts


Snezana Petrovic is a Serbian female painter and printmaker whose artworks belong to the genre of figurative surrealism and fantastic art.

She was born in 1977 in Novi Sad, Serbia. She graduated from the Academy of Arts of University of Novi Sad at the Department of Printmaking in 2004 in the class of Professor Milan Stanojev. In 2008 she obtained a Magister of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad in the class of Professor Radovan Jandric. In 2015 she obtained a Doctor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia under the mentorship of Professor Zarko Smiljanic. She works at the Academy of Arts of University of Novi Sad as an assistant professor at the Department of Printmaking.

She has participated in over 170 group exhibitions and realized 20 solo shows, both in Serbia and worldwide and has won a dozen awards and worldwide recognition for her artworks, among them a Jury Award at the 6th Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial 2018 in Japan and Special Jury and Purchase Prize at the 10th International Biennial of Engraving Premio Acqui 2011” in Acqui Terme, Italy.

Her works of art are represented in many private collections as well as in numerous national galleries and museums worldwide.

She is a member of the leading Serbian and significant international art associations (ULUS, ULUPUDS, SULUV, International Mezzotint Society).

: visual artist

Art genre: contemporary imaginary realism (figurative surrealism, magic realism, fantastic art)

Media of artistic expression: painting, printmaking, drawing, object - installation

Specialty: oil on canvas and wood, mezzotint printmaking technique



Group Exhibitions:



-International printmaking exhibition show "Insolvent" .

Galery Big Table Studio 10 –31.03. 2012, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.


- A participant of the "Top ten Serbian women painters -Humanity in action",

08/03/2012, Belgrade City Council, Serbia

-Exhibition of RTS, Art colony, „Zlatibor 2011“ Galerijy RTS, Belgrade, 01.03.2012., Serbia


-Kunst in Het Geuzenhuis international printmaking exhibition , Gent, Belgium 17.02.2012.


-Valley City State University Art Gallery, International Mezzotint Exchange  Exhibition,

Valley City, North Dakota, USA, 09.01.-10.02.2012.

-Brita Prinz Arte, Madrid, Spain, 22.11.2011.

 -Adirondack Community College Queensbury, New York, USA , 17 .11.2012–16.02.2012

-Internacionalni centar savremene grafike,  Fondacija C.I.E.C. (La Fundación Centro Internacional de la Estampa Contemporánea), Betanzos, Spain
06/10/2011 - 10/11/2011

-International group exhibition of drawing, „DRAWING CONNECTIONS“ Siena Art Institute , 24.septembar 2011. Siena, Italy

- International printmaking exhibition „A4 Printmakers International Show 2011“
Poly Arts Centre, Church Street, Falmouth, England, UK,   28.08.  - 12.09.2011.

-Gallery Museum Prijepolje, Serbia, 12.08.2011.

-National Museum, Pančevo, Serbia,  12.08.2011.

-International biennal of engraving, „Acqui print 2011.“, Acqui Terme, Italija

- International mezzotint festival,
Museum of fine arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia

-Group exhibition of printmakers,  Gallery of fine arts  Rajka Mamuzica Novi Sad, Serbia, 21.04-10.05.2011.

-Gallery „Selo“,  Novi Bečej, Serbia, 24.03.2011.  

-National Museum of Zrenjanin, Serbia, 04.02.2011.

-Serbian Ambasy,  Sofija-Bulgary, February 2011.

-„Cotemporary Serbian drawing“, Serbian Cultural Center, Temišvar-Romania 16.02.2011.



- 54th October saloon ,National Museum,Sabac, Serbia

- International exhibition of printmaking Penang 2010 ". National Museum and Gallery, Penang-Malaysia, 09/16/2010.

- Gallery "Lazar Vozarevic" Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, 03.09.2010.

- Local History Museum, Ruma, Serbia . 18.06.2010.

- Gallery of Vojnovic House, Indjija, , Serbia, 23 August - 2 September 2010.

- Gallery of Modern Art National Museum, Smederevska Palanka, Serbia 26.08.2010

 - “Serbian Akademy of Arts and Sciences” Gallery , Novi Sad, Serbia, May 2010.

- “10th  International Biennial of Miniature in Art”, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia 20.04.2010.

- "Cultural Centre" Kovin , Serbia, 20.04.2010.

-City Gallery of Backa Palanka, Serbia, 31.03.2010.

- Gallery "Lazar Vozarević", Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia,15.03.2010.

- “VIII International exhibition "Women painters - 2010."  Majdanpek, Serbia,

- Gallery “Trag "- Belgrade, Sremčica, Serbia, 16.02.2010.

- Exhibition of drawings "Contemporary Serbian Drawing” – SKC Serbian Cultural Center , Budapest,Hungary

 - "Cultural Centre", Sremski Karlovci, Serbia, 26.01.2010.


- - Regional Museum of Fine Arts, (IMS, Florida, USA) Tyumen, Russia, 25.09.2009.

 - Gallery Cultural Center, “27 October Art Saloon” Kovin – Serbia.

 - Cultural Center of Svilajnac, Serbia

 - Regional Museum of Fine Arts, (IMS, Florida, USA), Kurgan, Russia, 16jun 2009th

  -” Studio M,, Novi Sad , Serbia, 16 May 2009.

- Gallery "La Vista", Novi Sad, Serbia, 23 April 2009.

- International Exhibition mezzotint "Out of Darkness", organized by the Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk region and the publishing house "Artifact," History and Natural History Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 03-18. April 2009.


- “The Memorial Gallery - Collection of Rajko Mamuzić”, 57 annual exhibition of the Union of Associations of Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV) Novi Sad,Serbia.

- "Museum Night 2008" - “Art Klinika”, Novi Sad , Serbia, 17 May 2008.  

- Union of Associations of Artists of Vojvodina , (SULUV), Novi Sad , Serbia,04 February 2008


- Gallery "Podrum", Apollo Center, Novi Sad,Serbia


-Exhibition of prints, third-year students of the Academy of Arts, printmaking department, class of Professor Milan Stanojev- Gallery "Hol", Academy of Arts Novi Sad-Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia.


- Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadžić" Becej,Serbia,  04-18. December 1998.

International exhibitions:

-International Biennale of Engraving 2011th - , Aqui Terme Italy

-International Printmaking Exhibition, Penang print 2010 ". National Museum and Gallery, Penang-Malaysia, 09/16/2010.

- VIII International exhibition "Women painters - in 2010." Majdanpek, Serbia.

-“ 10 International Bienniale of Miniature Art”, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia 20.04.2010.

- Regional Museum of Fine Arts, (IMS, Florida, USA) Tyumen, Russia- 25.09.2009.

- Regional Museum of Fine Arts, (IMS, Florida, USA), Kurgan, Russia,  16jun 2009th

- International Exhibition mezzotint "Out of Darkness", organized
by the Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk region and the publishing house "Artifact,"
Natural History Museum of Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg, Russia,  03-18. April 2009.


Solo Exhibitions:

- SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. 06.06.2011.

- “Pro Arte” Gallery-Novi Sad, Serbia, 17.12.2010.

- Gallery of “Voinovich House”-Indjija, Serbia 03.12.2010.

- Cultural Center Art Gallery, Trstenik, Serbia-18.06.2010.

-Gallery “Čedomir Krstic” , Pirot, Serbia- 28.05.2010.

-Gallery (SULUV) Union of Associations of Artists of Vojvodina-Novi Sad, Serbia, 29.03.2010.

- Multimedia Centre Gallery of the Academy of Art, Magister  exhibition,

"Unexplored world", Novi Sad, Serbia 08 July 2008. (Serbia)


- Gallery "DA"  Student Cultural Center , Novi Sad, Serbia.





-Finalist and one of the top 25 ,  

international exhibition of contemporary graphic prints "A4 International Printmakers Show,"

Poly Arts Centre, Church Street, Falmouth, England, September 2011.


-Special Jury Prize
X International Biennial of Engraving "Acqui print 2011.", Acqui Terme, Italy


- Awards for originality to work
VIII International Exhibition "Women painters 2010", Majdampek, Serbia.


-featured artist

an interdisciplinary international competition - "Freedom to Create Prize” - Singapur, 25 Novembar 2009.
Victoria and Albert Museum, United Kingdom


2007th –Magister thesis and final exhibition supported by NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia)– Novi Sad .


Participation in art colonies:

2011th - Zlatibor, RTS Art Colony.

2010th - Stepanovićevo, Art Colony Primary School "Aleksa Santic"

2010th- Mokra Gora, Serbian Railways, “Sarganska osmica”

 2009th - Subotica, Palic “DAYS OF MODERN "

2004th - Zobnatica

2003rd - Zobnatica

2002nd -Zobnatica

1999th - Art Colony "Between Two Bridges"
– Primary School Doctor Milan Petrovic, Novi Sad

1998th -Art Colony - Zobnatica


Participation in projects:


- Participated in the "International exchange of mezzotint 2010." International Association of mezzotint IMS Florida USA.

-Coordinator of the "Night of Museums 2010" organized by the Academy of classical painting, University Educons, Sremska Kamenica. The project topic: "Public lecture drawing on the model”. 15. May 2010. year, Studio M, Ignjata Pavlasa 3, Novi Sad, Serbia.

-Participated in the "Night of Museums 2008" Art Clinic, 17 May 2008.

Participation in the work of the jury:

-Member of the jury "Apexart Franchise 2012",

-Member of the jury "Apexart Franchise 2011-2012",

Apexart - contemporary visual arts organization, Manhattan, New York, USA


-Member of the jury "Fine Art Salon" Srem 2008.

Gallery "Lazar Vozarević", 07 November 2008. Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia).


Art workshop:

-Participant (volunteer instructor) printmaking workshop
"The Didactic Etching Project" with "Aldo Moro" Kindergarten school, X International Biennial of Engraving,
Acqui Terme, Italy 2011th


Representation in the gallery and museum collections:

-Engraving Museum, Acqui Terme, Italy

-Museum of Fine Arts-Yekaterinburg-Russia

-Gallery Čedomir Krstić-Serbia

-Serbian Cultural Center-Budapest, Hungary

-Art Gallery, Trstenik-Serbia

-National Museum Penang-Malaysia

-Gallery Pro Arte Novi Sad ,Serbia

-Academy of Arts Novi Sad,Serbia

-Turistic Center-Zobnatica , Serbia


Publications in preparation:


PhD dissertation


Publications and holdings in Libraries:

 Catalogue "The world of pendulum power "

 [ illustrations Vahid Cifric ; design & prepress Snezana Petrovic]
ISBN 978-86-88883-00-9




-Calendar "Gracious 2008" - Author of articles Radmila Sataric-writer, 12 illustrations and
design calendar-Snezana Petrovic - visual artist - CIP Cataloguing in publication of the
Matica Srpska Library Novi Sad. Serbia  2008th   ISBN: 86-84797-10-8


- "Mezzotint: Out of Darkness," an exhibition catalog from the international exhibition of
mezzotints, Publishing house "Artifact" Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2009
(Reproductions of works  Snezana Petrovic  page: 26, 27)


- "Dani Moderne" Subotica, mai 2009, a catalog from the art colony
(Reproductions of works Snezana Petrovic on page 10) - CIP Cataloguing
publication of the Matica Srpska Library Novi Sad, Serbia, . 2009th
ISBN: 978-86-87-46-901-3

-The exhibition catalog, "27 OCTOBER Art Salon" Kovin 2009th
(Reproductions of works of Snezana Petrovic, titled "Dualism I and II") - CIP
Cataloguing in publication, the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade
COBISS.SR-ID 1699930508

-The exhibition catalog, “Snezana Petrovic-prints”: Federation of Associations of
Artists of Vojvodina, 29.mart-10.April, Editor: Gyula Santa,
Text: Dr. Jasna Jovanov-Novi Sad-12 pp. , Ill. , 21cm
ISBN 978-86-912295-6-6, CIP Cataloguing in publication Matica
Srpska Library, Novi Sad, Serbia.

-The exhibition catalog, "Exhibition of the Academy's teachers and assistants
classical painting, University Educons: Gallery Serbian Academy of Science and Arts  in Novi Sad "
Matica Srpska Library, Novi Sad, Serbia,  ISBN 978-86-87785-14-4, Design: Snezana Petrovic


-The exhibition catalog, “Snezana Petrovic-prints “: Gallery Cedomir Krstic ", Pirot,
Editor: Anthony Milosevic, Pirot, Gallery Cedomir Krstic, 2010 (Nis: CMYK). - (8) pp. , Ill. , 21cm
ISBN 978-86-84715-90-8, CIP Cataloguing in publication, the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade.

- Exhibition catalog, “International Biennial of Miniature Art “(10, 2010;
Gornji Milanovac) created: Zarko Vuckovic, translator: Gordana Sekulic,
(Codex Print) - (743) pp. , Ill. , 11cm
ISBN 978-86-7152-025-6, CIP Cataloguing in publication, the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade.

CIP Cataloguing in publication, the National Library of Serbia, Belgrade,
ISBN 978-86-906201-8-0
1. Cultural Center (Majdampek) 2.Asociation of Majdampek
a) International Exhibition of Women Painters (8, 2010; Majdanpek)-Exhibition Catalogues
COBISS.SR-ID 174136332
Reproduction of Snezana Petrovic artwork,  page 2.


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